Time for imm Cologne with #zuhausesein and the VDM

It’s January, and for those in the design industry this means FAIR TIME – time get inspired! It’s a special time when we all meet at the big fairs in Europe to see what’s new for 2020, particularly important is the imm in Cologne. This is why I’m happy to be invited to work with the German Furniture Industry (Verband der Deutschen Möbelindustrie, VDM) ) again this year and to see Ursula Geismann (Press Spokeswoman of the VDM), who brilliantly lead the German Design Tour in 2019 at imm where we got to meet many incredible designers like Sebastian Herkner (who I recently had on my podcast show HELLO HOLLY). Next week… Well who knows what I can expect but the tours kick off on Monday… I’m excited!

German brand  WILDE+SPIETH

German brand WILDE+SPIETH

But first, their initiative #zuhausesein (be at home) is just great along with the very special exhibition at the imm that they’ll have next week to present the winners of their interiors photo competition in which I was a judge. Seeing the VDM support the online community is fantastic and gives us all more of a voice, from small to great.

In 2019, they announced the competition #beingathome and asked social media influencers, homeowners, and bloggers to show them their style at home under different themes. (I wrote about it in detail here.) Well, the winners have been chosen and I can’t wait to see everyone’s photos on display and to meet the winners on Monday, January 13th. That’s in only a few days, when the imm Cologne officially kicks off!

About the initiative #zuhauseseinThe aim is to present modern and innovative German furniture, its designers and manufacturers and to increase interest in them through social media and key influencers.

German brand  ROLF BENZ

German brand ROLF BENZ

German brand  SCHNEID STUDIO


German brand  AMES

German brand AMES

Follow my @decor8 instagram Monday – Wednesday next week to see all of the things I’m seeing at the fair and to meet my favorite designers and bloggers!

My Schedule:

On Monday, begins the tour lead by the VDM with press and bloggers for the official German design tour. I loved this tour last year and am very excited to be part of it again. In the evening, we are invited to a secret location for a blogger dinner. You can follow me on Instagram @decor8 and watch my stories on Monday to see where we go for the design tour and at night, where we go for dinner. I’m very excited. After that, is the opening party for the imm, in which I’ll be attending too.

On Tuesday, I’ll be with the VDM to join a second tour, the International Design Tour. This will give me some extra insight into what’s on their radar and who’s currently catching their eye, but also will expose me potentially to new brands and talent. I’ll also get to meet designers and personally ask them questions about their work, which is always a highlight when the VDM invites me on these special tours – to meet the designers.

On Wedneday, I’ll give a lecture at the imm, “Storytelling for Brands: 8 Truths You Must Know Now.” More information about my lecture is here. It will be from 3:30-4:00 at The Stage in hall 3.1, G 009 so please join me, Wednesday is also the day that my next issue of HOLLY launches, issue three, so I’ll show the new cover during my lecture too and talk about how I’m working on storytelling as a focus for my own brand, HOLLY.

About the VDM: The VDM is the most important association in the Main Association of the German Wood Industry. Its members are not manufacturers, but trade associations. The main task of the VDM is to safeguard and represent the economic, political and technical interests of the German timber and furniture industry vis-à-vis politicians, trade unions and the general public. The associations maintain international contacts and exchange information with European trade associations, for example on collective bargaining law. Further focal points of the association’s work are technology, press, and public relations. The HDH/VDM is represented by a capital office in Berlin. This intensifies the political work and representation of the interests of our industry.

I want to note that I’m so excited to be staying at my dream hotel in Cologne this year, the QVEST, and can’t wait to enjoy just being back in Cologne again. This will be my first time at the QVEST so I’m very excited and I’ll show you the hotel on my Instagram too because it’s so stunning. Thank you VDM for sponsoring my travel for this exciting trip.

See you at imm next week everyone!



Photos: Wilde + Spieth, Rolf Benz, Schneid Studio, Ames.

 (This post is sponsored by the Association of the German Furniture Industry. All words and thoughts are my own and I only work with brands that I love and support whom I think you will too.)