Tips for Decorating Around the TV

Tips and inspiration for decorating the wall around a TV

Master bedroom with TV gallery wall

The age old question is how to make our big TVs of today work in the scheme of a room and not overpower it. I’m not a big stickler about this — televisions don’t bother me much. Especially the sleeker versions we have now. But often they kind of just hang out in the middle of a wall and stand out more than we’d like.

I’ve gathered a few of my favorite ideas on how to incorporate a TV into the design of your house, and even help it to disappear a little bit!

My favorite ideas involve gallery walls — especially those with black frames. I think they work so well with the TV:

gallery wall around TV with black frames
Source: Pottery Barn 

What a beautiful room right? I think this TV wall is done so well. White frames and other colors work well too of course, I just think the black helps to make the TV stand out a little less. 
I love the idea of incorporating big artwork to steal the focus:
art wall around TV

I like how these go all the way down to the floor too — not just floating up above.

I have always loved this image from Pottery Barn and their use of frames and other items to make a true art wall around the TV:

Pottery Barn gallery wall around TV
Source: Pottery Barn

Keep in mind this can get busy fast — on a large wall you’ll want to be careful how wide and big you go with the gallery. 
I love how this one has some art just slightly behind the TV — you can still see it, but it feels layered: 
Minimize TV with gallery wall
These are a couple of my favorites — I like the simple but non-symmetrical layout: 
decorating around the TV

I love the way Emily pulls in some color around hers as well: 
Ideas for decorating around the TV
If you don’t want to use art, then try something else — I love Marian’s use of decorative plates for a softer feel: 
Decorating around TV with plates

I love the floating frames and low TV stand here: 
Floating shelves around TV
This is simpler and less cluttered look if the frames are too much for you. Side note — I prefer to hang our TVs instead of sitting them on the surface. I just like the look better and it gives more breathing room and space to decorate around them. 

Before we knocked out a wall a couple years ago our TV hung on a different wall in our family room. I flanked it with lamps (I usually lean towards symmetry) and added a wood box underneath: 
Simple decor around TV

I tend to go simpler in our own home — sometimes doing too much can backfire and bring even more attention to what you’re trying to minimize. It all depends on your space and taste.

I also like the idea of going darker on the wall behind the television. You can do the whole wall or a smaller section — I love this dark gray fireplace:

dark gray fireplace TV

I may be biased where that’s concerned though. 😉 Here’s ours hanging over the dark gray fireplace and built ins in our old home (this color is Peppercorn by Sherwin Williams):

dark gray fireplace marble tile

I think a dark wall goes a long way to reducing how much the TV stands out.

You can see here how our dark fireplace camouflages it a bit:

Tall dark fireplace grid wall with TV

On a similar note — did anyone watch Fixer Upper this week? I think it was the first time ever that she incorporated a television in her design:

fixer upper barn house

I couldn’t believe it! But I was happy to see this — I’d love to see how she incorporates them more. 
Have you done anything special to minimize the TV in your house? Or does it not bother you much? I have some ideas in mind for our master — if it turns out I hope to show you next week!